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This pre-school program is uniquely crafted for children aged 2-6 yrs. The activities are curated to to develop the vestibular and proprioceptive systems in pre- schoolers. A well functioning vestibular and proprioceptive system lays the foundations for young children to transit into more complex activities such as reading and writing. The program is developed by our founders, with over 10 years of experience in teaching preschool dance.  This program has been taught as an in-house program at our studios, as well as at  various preschools in Singapore since 2008.

Level 1 (1.5-3yrs)

Children at this stage have a strong desire to learn, and are moving and exploring the world like never before. With busy little ones in mind, this program aims to develop their gross motor, emotional and social skills, through music, movement and sensory activities, free exploration, songs, rhymes, as well as art and crafts. The selected activities aim to strengthen / develop the neurological brain patterns are developed in the first year of life that wires the central system for sensory-motor development


Level 2 (4-6yrs)

With a growing sense of confidence, this program offers 3 to 6 year olds, a lively environment to be independent and to experience the joy of music and movement. Built upon the foundations of level 1, children are introduced to more complex music & movement concepts, which aims to increase balance, flexibility, and co-ordination. Basic dance technique is introduced at this level.

* Age groups can be customised according to the requirements of individual centres. Do contact us if you wish to conduct this program as a core curriculum or enrichment program at your centre.

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