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Established in 2008, Dance Theatre Arts is a professional  Ballet and Performing Arts company in Singapore.  We believe that the Creative Arts arts taught in a loving, safe and multi-sensory environment can enhance neural development and instil a sense of fascination and wonder, facilitating the love of Dance, Movement, Self Discovery , and Confidence. 

The Creative Arts domain describes the variety of artistic activities that allow children to use their imaginations, creativity, and express ideas in a variety of mediums. Included in this domain are the activities of dance, drama and theatre arts, music, and visual arts​.  Our company runs two dance academies, the Classical Ballet Academy and the Dance Stylz Studio, to provide specialty training in dance, where we offer certification by the Royal Academy of Dance (UK).  We promote the early learning of different dance styles  from an early age, through our "Ready, Set, Perform" program.  Students enrolled in this program take classes in ballet, jazz, tap, acrobatics and acting,  which sets a foundation for them to develop into well rounded performers. In addition, children learn to develop an appreciation of the arts as an integrated sphere.

Our founders have received  qualifications in Dance and Education from well known universities and conservatories, such as the Victorian College of Arts,  the University of New South Wales, and Tanya Pearson Academy.  They have performed with professionally with companies from the United Kingdom, Australia and United States of America. With a passion for the arts and a background in creative arts education,  our founders have been creating and continue to create dance, creative & performing arts programs to nurture a love for the arts in young children. 


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