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Dance Stylz Studio offers a wholistic dance and theatre curriculum.  Students at  our Dance Stylz Studio take  lessons in jazz dance, tap dance, acrobatics, and acting. These styles complement their ballet training which is offered by our Classical Ballet Academy.  

Learning a variety of dance styles gives versetality in the way the body is able to translate movement and choreography.  When students have a wider range of vocabulary, they are able to better comprehend and take ownership of their own learning.  Ultimately, all techniques serve and complement each other.

Our signature "Ready, set, Perform" program, is designed with the purpose, of introducing pre-school aged students to a multi-disciplinary approach in dance education, with a mission to develop well rounded dancers and performers, who are able to appreciate dance and performing arts as an integrated sphere.


Starting at 5yrs old, Our "Ready, Set, Perform" program encourages the multi-disciplinary learning of dance.   Throughout the year, students take 1hr combo classes, in jazz, tap, acrobatics, body conditioning and acting.  Body conditioning and acrobatics are taught at every lesson.

This program is designed with the recreational student in mind, taking into account the heavy academic commitment and pressure faced by Singaporean students.  Rather than giving students an additional examination syllabus to tackle, our classes are designed to give students to the tools to becoming more engaged learners, responsible for their own progress.  All students in this program will participate  in group routines for studio recitals, festivals and competitions.

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