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We are a one stop dance centre, providing the highest quality dance education in various dance genres.  Dance as a performance art is the focal point of our training and all students take part in yearly recitals. 

Ballet certifications are also offered, through the Royal Academy of Dance (UK).   Examinations are not compulsory and students may still progress if they maintain an adequate level of technique.

Our dance programs are brought you by our two specialised academies.  Please click on the links below to find out more.

Classical Ballet Academy


Dance Stylz Studio

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The Creative Arts domain describes the variety of artistic activities that allow children to use their imaginations, creativity, and express ideas in a variety of mediums. Included in this domain are indicators for dance, drama and theatre arts, music, and visual arts​.

Moving Melodies


Kinder Playhouse

Play "n" Grow

Alphapals Puppetics

Abstract Background

Dance Theatre Arts offers our programs as core and enrichment programs for pre-schools and international schools.   All our programs can be customised to cater to the needs of individual centres. 

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