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Intensive Ballet Workshops

Our Intensive  Ballet Workshops ranging from 8-32 hours programs are conducted primarily for, 

  • Our own students preparing for performances, competition and audition to enroll in overseas conservatories.

  • Schools and colleges, as a supplementary program to to their existing Ballet Programs

  • Our own Teaching Staff 

Currently we do not run any Scheduled Classes for individual enrollments.  If you are interested to join any of these programs as a individual send us an email, we will try to include you in our programs for students and teachers.

Also check on our one-to-one Private Coaching.

PBT Workshop

Our Compendium of  Dance Workshops

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT)
PBT is an innovative program developed by Marie Walton Mahon ARAD RAD RTS that will impart to students a deep understanding of how muscle memory affects their achieve excellence in classical ballet. The Program consists of a variety of exercises with a fit ball.  Participants will gain an understanding of the muscles and muscle groups that initiate correct alignment in ballet training, correct posture and weight placement.  Each PBT exercise has been developed with care and guidance from a team of physiotherapists.

Flexibility  & Conditioning
This program has is modelled after that by the Tanya Pearson Academy where one of our dance directors completed her Ballet Skills Development and Teachers Training.  The program is designed to create greater freedom of movement in the dancers. Mrs Tanya Pearson is renowned for producing dancers with both artistry and port de bras...this based main on releasing freedom of the upper spine, breadth of movement, flexibility and movement in the body. Participants will learn and engage in safe stretching and breathing techniques.  

Repertoire Classes 
Classical ballet repertoire program allows participant to explore professional ballets performed by companies around the world. Participants will gain insights  dancers do in a company and learn some of the dance routines, techniques and choreography pointers in the dance performance studied. 


Character Dance
Character dance is considered an essential part of Ballet. This program is taught based on both Vaganova, Moiseyev and local Ethic Dance Styles.   Participants will a variety of national dance, Russian, Hungaran, Chinese and Malay. Character Dance exposes  participanta to widely different music genres and prepares them for partner dancing.

Jazz and Tap Dance
Participants  will learn a commercial jazz and/or Tap style dance which will give them a new and enhanced appreciation of musicality, coordination, dynamics and strength set to modern music. Engaging is the freer style of dance will also help enhance the participant;s ability to pick up choreography quickly and add a wider range of dynamic contrast to their movement. 


Repertoire Classes
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