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At Queenstown, we conduct Enriching Ballet Programmes for pre-school Children together with Children Cove. 

Established since 2010, Children Cove is an Award-Winning pre-school that provides a variety of quality, educational and enriching programs catering to as young as 2 months’ up to 6 years old.


The Queenstown facility features 30,000 sq ft Compound Houses Unique Learning Spaces & Enrichment Facilities. It is located in the heart of Singapore well served by buses and MRT. One of the first HDB urban estates, many of the apartments have being transformed into new generation residences together with growing block of private bungalow accommodating a mix of  locals and expatriates

Dance Theatre Arts is proud to run the Ballet Program together with the Children Cove. Like the Childrens Cove Dance Theatre Arts adopts child-centred teaching practices that focuses on Inquiry and Activity based learning approaches and are highly committed in ensuring that through dance, pre-school child develops  deep passion for learning that will prepare him/her for success in school and life.

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