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Somatic Dance Education for Pre-schoolers in Singapore

The Moving Melodies Creative Movement program at Dance Theatre Arts, has been uniquely crafted for our youngest dancers. Activities are carefully designed to foster critical development in young children aged 1.5 - 5yrs. The program has been developed on the  current best practices  in early childhood development.  Our classes include the work of Anne Green-Gilbert called “BrainDance” or Brain-Compatible Dance, which comprises a series of somatic and brain-based dance instruction for neurological brain patterning.

Somatic movement help children develop a sense of physical-emotional awareness, and well being.  Physical-emotional well being, in turn lead to the development of happier and healthier young individuals, who are self- confident, expressive.  Moreover, a keen sense of physical-emotional awareness helps children develop their sense of empathy.

Neurological brain patterns are developed in the first year of life, these patterns wire the central system for sensory-motor development.  A gap in the process may lead to learning disabilities or disorders in behavior, memory, balance, and sleep.  Thus, the program model serves to facilitate the healthy development of a young child's neurological pattering, through, dance, movement and music activities.

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