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Melody & Miligan Bear come to Dance Theatre Arts

Melody Bear is the focal point of the Melody Movement Early Learning (MMEL) syllabi.  Milligan Bear is Melody's best friend.  Together , they make kids dance and ballet class exciting, energetic and memorable!!

(MMEL) is a creative portfolio of pre-school, age-appropriate dance syllabi, supported by innovative reward schemes, progressing children of all abilities through the fundamentals of ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance.  The syllabus is created by Jill Bridger, a member of the Royal Academy of Dance.  

The all encompassing syllabi looks at the whole student's development including physical, emotional, language and creative development through the use of positive behavioural techniques and language. It is tailored to discovering and fulfilling the potential of each child, and nurturing their individual development.

This enrichment program for children, starts at 18 months with the Little Bear Feet syllabi, and progresses through the Melody Movement pre-school classes, to Junior Ballet, Tap and Jazz for the maturing young dancer. Melody & Miligan bear dance classes are brought to you in Singapore by Dance Theatre Arts.  Please visit our website  for more information.

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