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Developing an Appreciation of Nature in Young Children

Developing a love for nature and the world outdoors is pivotal in The Melody Movement® Early Learning curriculum.  The rhythms of nature, engage the senses and imaginations of a young child.  Moreover, a strong appreciation of nature helps children understand symbiotic connections, and their connectedness to the world around them.

We are all connected—plants, animals, and people. We need similar things, such as food, fresh air, water, and exercise, to keep us healthy, and we depend on each other in different ways. When children experience the links between themselves and the world around them—through caring for pets, tending a garden, reading stories about nature and the environment—they begin to understand the physical ways in which we all need one another, and learn to develop a sense of empathy.

Our Melody Movement preschool classes, help the reinforce this through Melody and Milligan Bears love of nature.  Their experiences inspire children to learn about the world around them through creative dance and music.  

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