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Dance and Spatial Reasoning in Young Children

Spatial reasoning is essential in helping young children develop mental maps of where things are in relation to the environment around them.  In daily life, we use this kind of reasoning to organise our work areas, or to remember where we left our keys.  With a lack of mental mapping, children have a high tendancy in losing their things. They are often poor organisers and keep things in piles so that their things remain in constant view.  For these children out of sight is literally out of mind.

In dance, when we wish to move our bodies in space, we use spacial reasoning to construct imaginary pathways prior  to executing our movements.  The Melody Movement curriculum provides young children with excellent opportunities to develop their spatial awarness and motor planning skills.

Led by 2 delightful teddies Melody and Milligan Bears, the curriculum explores movement concepts that are natural to a toddlers stage of development, thus giving the brain renewed opportunities to strengthen and form the  neurological pathways for spatial reasoning.  Each session is carefully planned, to ensure a meaningful learning experience for young children, with the choice of movement concepts and use of props carefully designed to stimulate and develop their spatial reasoning skills.

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