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Performing to Perform

All Kids love performing on stage, some after overcoming initial nervousness... and parent are often proud and overjoyed.

"Performing to Perform" is one of At Dance Theatre Art's driving principles. We have witnessed many students inspired to achieve greater excellence through Stage Performance. This inspiration not only improve their dance, but extends to their school work and their overall attitudes towards achievement.     


At Dance Theatre Arts we provide ample opportunities for the kid to perform at concerts and events.  Each child in our Classical Program is coached to master a Solo piece and a Pas de deux within a well-known classical repertoire.  At DTA we firmly believe that Ballet provides the fundamental skills to anyone who wishes to perform on stage.

While Ballet is our key emphasis, we do appreciate that, w many student may want to progress on a more diverse path towards Musical Theatre. Our Performing Arts Program is designed to meet such students' needs.

DTA Performing Arts

DTA's Performing Arts Program  adopts syllabi from the Australian Teachers of Dance(ATOD) and Trinity Guidhall Performance Arts School where some of our teachers and Dance Directors have undergone training. 


Key Features

  • Students go through progressive learning cycles of  1. DANCE 2. DRAMA  3. VOCAL  4. PERFORMANCE, over a minimum period of 3 years attending 6 hours of classes per week.

  • Ballet is mandatory, forming 40% of coursework. Students are strongly encouraged to pursue RAD grading. Our Ballet Syllabus combines those of RAD, Raganova System and Cechetti Methods.   

  • Besides Ballet, Students will have to choose one other dance specialisation and be familiar with two other Dance Types. Students may choose from Contemporary, Jazz, Tap, and a variety of Street/Pop Dances.

  • Drama, Vocal and Performance, theory and practice will be taught in both classroom environment and on stage. Students will be trained to perform in various roles in a minimum of 2 musical stage plays, one classical and one modern.

  • DTA can provide advice and assistance to students aspring to perform or pursue studies overseas.

Eligibility and Enrolment

We do not admit students directly into our Performing Arts program.

  • Students must first enrol into our RAD or Classical
    Ballet Program.  

  • They may enrol in the Musical Theatre Path once they complete at least one year of Ballet with us and have attained RAD Grade 4.

  • Student Progression into the Musical Theatre Path is not automatic, and is subject to DTA's review process. 

ballet concert
National Day performance
solo ballet performance
Solo ballet performane

Advantage learning Musical Theatre Skills

  • It builds confidence which improves creativity

  • Improves vocabulary,memory...powers self expression through  performance scripts, music and songs  

  • Improves reading, fluency of speech and understanding

  • Often for younger children increases the quality of bonding with parents 

  • Increases their enthusiasm to perform well in dance and in every aspect of life. and  in all aspects of life.

Do look out for  our occasional Performing Arts Workshops and Holiday Camps.  check our website, Facebook regularly, or send us an Email to request information on our courses. 

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