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Progressive Ballet Techniques


  1. Minimum of 8 years old.

  2.  Have at least RAD grade 3

  3. Have  reasonably good school grades and overall performance.

  4. Commitment to attend as least three, 1.5 hour class per week. 

  5. Find dance and performance to be fun and is willing to accept a structured and discipline approach to learning.

  6. Check our Whatapp and Facebook everyday sites for news and information.

Our Advantage 

  • Customised path for each student to keep them self-motivated with wide choice of support  programs from compendium of established dance and performance arts syllabus.

  • Superior Learning Approach to positioned in students minds and muscle memory an entire arsenal of skills they can  draw from readily to produce distinguishing dance performance through our integrated syllabus and training techniques.

  • Modern and updated knowledge of the Science of Movement to allow to faster skill development with stress and injuries. While much has been said about the Russian and Chinese approach to ballet instruction, we firmly believe  Dance Instruction must adopt to the modern theories and practice of Instructions that prevails.

  • Dedicated and Qualified Instructors.  Our instructors not only have the are Training and  Experience but also the  aptitude  for the Education and Care of children and young adults

  • Introductions to overseas Ballet Conservatories and Dance Companies 

How to Enroll


  1.  Call  our Dance Director at 9526066

  2. Arrange for an Audition. We need to understand who you are, your aptitudes,  so that we can offer advice on your best approach to develop on your love for dance. 

Ballet Concert
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