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Classical Ballet
Ballet forTeens

Dance Theatre Arts(DTA) Classical Ballet Program is designed for committed and dedicated students who seek to excel in the best of classical ballet techniques and artistry.

It is quite evident that dancers who have achieved places in renowned ballet/dance companies, and even children who win awards at local competitions, usually have gone through training under different dance traditions including the RAD, Vaganova, Ceccheti Method, etc, This is because each dance tradition bring with its own strengths and positive nuances


It is noteworthy that in 1920 the Association of Operatic Dancing of Great Britain, the predecessor of RAD, called on experts of different classical ballet genres in Europe to help improved Ballet training in Britain. These renowned persons included Phyllis Bedells from England; Lucia Cormani from Italy; Edouard Espinos from France; Adeline Genée from Denmark; Tamara Karsavina from Russia and Ninette de Valo, the founder of England's Royal Ballet 

While the cross-fertilisation of Dance Arts and Teaching Technique continued, each genre evolved mostly along its own tangent, developing its own  emphasis, values, practices, driven by history, and more so by social and cultural,including pop trends within which it mainly operates.

For example, major training systems teach the arabesques in different ways. The French school considers the orientation: which leg is raised relative to the audience. R.A.D. and Bournonville consider the positions of the arms; Cecchetti does, too, and adds variations for the supporting leg and the gaze. The Soviet system incorporates both orientation and port de bras. There are differences in almost every movement and feet position and the exercises and practice routines to attain

Hence, there always are always benefits integrating between different dance genres at any point of time. 

The DTA Classical Ballet Program is a uniquely quick way to train and learn the nuances under various dance and ballet methods that are relevant in today's fast pace, fast changing environment, whilst pursuing RAD Qualifications.   

While normal RAD program  are already enhanced to include some elements of various dance methods and systems, there will be more specialised learning in the Classical Program.

Students will progress through their RAD grades, with their overall dance and performance skills significantly enhanced by the Vaganova and Ceccheti methods coupled with performing arts training. Beyond the enhanced syllabus, there is a greater focus on student's individual  characteristics... physical, mental in order to customised for them a personalised training program and progress path towards their goals. 

As they progress,  students may lean towards Ballet Excellence, General Mastery of Dance, or Mastery of Musical Theatre.

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