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Dance Theatre Arts offers a caring ballet coaching  environment,  where we develop each student's potential to their fullest.  We offer all our students the opportunity to take the Royal Academy of Dance Examinations; enhance their dance skills;  participate in  competition, concerts and performances


In addition to Regular Ballet Classes, we conduct various Camps and Workshops throughout the year, which forms the highlight for many of our students.  They treasure the moments in the company of  good friends, who share their passion and interest.  Moreover, they are given the opportunities to work with other teachers from the industry,  and experience different genres of dance.  They are also given opportunities to meet international students.


We believe Ballet is a performance art, and performing is a great way for students to improve their skill,  We provide many  performance opportunities for them throughout the year.   Our students have been featured on OKTO channel's " Club Magic", and they continue to be invited to perform at numerous road shows and charity events.  Talented, students are also given the opportunities to participate at various international competitions and festivals.


All our teachers have received  qualifications in Dance and Education from well known universities and conservatories, such as the Victorian College of Arts,  the University of New South Wales, and Tanya Pearson's Classical Coaching academy.  They are also registered members with various international dance and early childhood organisations, and are current or former professional dancers.

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Carmen Tay 7yrs, Claris Tay 9yrs

Mrs Law (Mother of Charlotte Law)

Mrs Xiao ( mother of Xiao Yingxi, age 13)

I would like to express my deep appreciation to DTA for their professionally trained teachers; teachers who are dedicated, passionate and committed to seeing their students pursue their highest potential in a wholistic, nurturing and creative environment. Throughout the year, DTA creates plenty of opportunities for kids to showcase their talent and love for dance. My daughter, Yingxi has been with DTA for 3 years and has grown much more confident and motivated as a dancer and as an individual. I am very happy to have found this place for my child. And I applaud the teachers for all their hard work and love. They are truly an inspiration!

Cloe Stephanie Chua, 6yrs old

" I like the stretching games we play in class".

We like learning new dances,  especially when we get to dance with a partner

" Charlotte started learning ballet at Dance Theatre Arts since she was 5.  Her enthusiasm and proficiency has increased in leaps and bounds through the inspirational and targeted coaching.  The numersous public performances, has given her tremendous, self confidence and motiviaton.  When we see Charlottes smile while dancing, we know this is truly something she enjoys."

Rita Elaine Silver (Mother of Emily Tay)

My daughter has loved her classes at DTA. She gets a good foundation in dance, a chance for some exercise after long days of school/study, and the chance to make new friends. The teachers are great – they’ve given her advice to improve her dance, strengthen her muscles, build her skills. I’m particularly impressed by the opportunites for the students to perform. And the summer school sessions are so fun my daughter wants to go every year. Great job DTA!

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